BIM Technology

Building Information Modeling (BIM) technology includes the creation and use of coordinated information. The utilization of BIM helps improve control, coordination and cost of construction projects. It streamlines the design and construction process by allowing engineers and designers to make decisions on the fly and helps to accelerate the construction process by providing a fully coordinated building model across all disciplines, reducing design errors, and simplifying/ improving material take-offs. Creating accurate BIM models also streamlines facility operation and maintenance by allowing facility personnel to easily access stored electronic data for all buildings systems. The end game is that BIM allows the design team to effectively establish the integrated project delivery (IPD) methodology which ensures that the Owner receives a project that fits within their established budget and time constraints as well as maximizing building efficiency and ROI. This technology allows our staff to efficiently deliver state of the art, energy-efficient building designs that are preferable to standard inefficient design practices. In short, at Alderson & Associates, BIM is in.

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