Energy Conservation

Since its inception in 1985, Alderson & Associates has adopted energy-conserving principles of design. Our philosophy is that energy conservation is more than a check list; it is an ethical approach to using the earth's resources as efficiently and sparingly as possible.

Solar Panels

Over half of our engineers are seasoned veterans with 25 or more years of MEP design experience under their belts. Several of our Senior Engineers possess advanced engineering degrees in Solar Engineering and have designed ground-breaking projects utilizing solar power as an alternate source of energy.

Energy Audits
The key to a successful project is an extensive and creative audit of the existing facility. Alderson & Associates' experience includes performance testing of efficiencies of chillers, boilers, motors, and variable frequency drives. Also, auditing the control functions of an air conditioning system is crucial. Our firm has extensive experience with various control products by manufacturers including Johnson Controls, Siemens Technologies, Honeywell, Automated Logic, CSI, Siebe and Andover, and Barber Coleman.

Energy Analysis
Alderson & Associates quantifies energy savings using state-of-the-art Building Energy Simulation programs such as TRACE. In addition, our firm has written many specialized spreadsheet calculations for energy projects such as lighting retrofit, motor replacement, fume hood replacement, and chiller replacement.

Energy Design
The successful energy conservation project must be designed with precision in order to maximize the energy savings. Our firm has demonstrated the required attention to detail, which includes specifying optimal efficiencies, control sequences, and equipment efficiencies. Our firm has a long history and is experienced with Modeling Energy Usage to determine best techniques to achieve a desired energy budget as well as exceed standard ratings such as ASHRAE-90-1.

Major Energy/Resource conserving features that Alderson has incorporated into its designs include:

  • Solar PV and Domestic Hot Water Generation
  • Passive Shading & Sunlight Modeling
  • Lighting Controls Including Occupancy Sensors and Daylighting Controls
  • Mechanical System Energy Management and Control Systems
  • Variable Speed Fans and Pumps to Minimize Energy
  • Thermal Storage - Water and Ice
  • Chiller Replacement and Upgrades
  • Heat Recovery
  • Condensate Capture and Recycling

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