• UTSA North Paseo Multi-Purpose Building
    Client: Chesney Morales & Associates
    Construction cost: $10 M
    Est. completion date: September 2011

    UTSA Multi-Purpose Paseo Building, San Antonio, TX MEP design services for a new two-story 76,000 sq ft multi-purpose building made up of academic and administrative support space, offices, conference rooms, break rooms, storage facilities, IT/AV security closets, mechanical and electrical closets, plenums, public restrooms, and tutoring spaces. Mechanical design services included building air conditioning, cooling, heating, ventilation and associated control system, steam and chilled water extension, general purpose exhaust system, domestic hot and cold water, sanitary waste and vent systems, interior roof drainage system, fire sprinkler and standpipe systems. Electrical services included the building interior and exterior lighting system, site-area lighting to include walkways and parking lots, general purpose power, fire alarm system, telephone, security, closed circuit television, intercom, sound systems and data conduit systems, and telecom duct bank from an existing manhole.

  • San Antonio College Academic Complex
    Client: WestEast Design Group
    Construction cost: $12.5 M
    Completed: 2008

    San Antonio College Academic Building, San Antonio, TX Design of the 74,000 sq ft 3-story academic facility included general classrooms language labs, computer training rooms and offices. SAC Classroom building included general classrooms, language labs, computer training rooms and offices. MEP design services included new HVAC systems including chilled water air handlers, DDC controls, variable speed drives and VAV boxes. Electrical systems included high efficiency lighting, lighting controls, and occupancy sensors.

  • UTSA MS Building - Auxiliary Offices
    Client: Alvidrez Architecture
    Construction cost: $1.1 M
    Completed: 2010

    UTSA MS Building - Auxiliary Offices, San Antonio, TX Mechanical and electrical design services for office additions to 4,800 square feet of office space. Mechanical systems included the building air-conditioning system for cooling, heating, ventilation and associated control systems, domestic hot and cold water, sanitary waste and vent systems and fire sprinkler system expansion. Electrical systems included space interior lighting system, general purpose power, fire alarm system extension, and telephone and data conduit systems.

  • Department of Anesthesiology, Texas Tech University
    Health Sciences Center, Lubbock, TX
    Client: TTUHSC
    Construction cost: $820,520
    Completed: 2009

    Dept. of Anesthesiology, Texas Tech Univ. Health Sciences Center, Lubbock, TXComplete renovations of the Anesthesiology Business Office at the Lubbock, Texas campus. Mechanical design services included new VAV boxes with hot water re-heat, duct work and air devices, and modification of the existing fire sprinklers, new plumbing fixtures (sinks, lavatory water closets), domestic hot and cold water, and sanitary waste and vent systems. Electrical design services included new lighting layout and switches, general purpose power for offices, modification of existing fire alarm systems and additions and modifications of the telephone and data conduits to allow for access above the ceiling.

  • UTSA John Peace Library
    Client: Chesney Morales & Associates
    Construction cost: $1.8 M
    Completed: 2008

    UTSA John Peace Library, San Antonio, TX Design services for new Administrative Offices handling the Office of Registrar, Financial Aid and Enrollment Services Departments. Designed new HVAC systems to make the systems more efficient and comfortable for occupants. New lighting was designed to provide additional illumination at approximately one-half of the existing energy usage.

  • Hill Country University Center
    Client: Stehling, Klein, Thomas Architects
    Construction cost: $4.28 M
    Completed: 2008

    Hill Country University Center, Fredericksburg, TX Construction of state-of-the-art classrooms, Auditorium and Lecture Halls, Science Wing and Lab, Computer Laboratory, Library, Student Lounge, Campus Bookstore, and a Faculty Support space totaling 24,000 square feet. Mechanical design services included the central DX air handlers with VAV boxes for individual room control, acid waste systems and fume hoods for the Science Labs, domestic hot & cold water, natural gas, and sanitary waste & vent systems. Electrical systems included site lighting, interior high efficiency lighting with occupancy sensors, under floor power, and data systems for computer labs, and fire alarm system.

  • UTSA Sports Complex Lighting
    Client: UTSA
    Const. costs: $250,000 (Sports Lighting)
    $315,000 (Infrastructure)
    Completed: 1996

    UTSA Sports Complex Lighting, San Antonio, TXLighting of the football field and a multi-purpose sports field utilized 80-foot tall steel light poles that complied with college lighting standards and plans for future bleachers. Electrical power was extended 2,000 feet from an existing 13.2 KV substation. The distribution consisted of underground concrete encased duct bank and transformers for each field. A 4-way switch was installed for maintenance and future extension for additional sports fields. The project was designed and constructed in a fast track method to meet the fall class schedule.

  • UTSA Science Building - Fume Hood Upgrades
    Client: UTSA
    Construction cost: $700,000
    Completion: 2009

    Science Building - Fume Hood Upgrades, UTSAMEP design services included a preliminary report that addressed findings from field surveys, recommended system approaches and probable costs of construction from resulting recommendations. Four fume hoods, fans and duct work were replaced; new control systems and alarms were installed.

  • Texas A&M University-Kingsville Study of Housing Facilities
    Client: Marmon Mok Architecture
    Completed: 2010

    Texas A&M University-Kingsville - Study of Housing Facilities Studies of dormitories at the Texas A&M-Kingsville location included determination of existing MEP conditions, maintenance issues and code upgrade requirements; meeting with maintenance staff to learn of problems at the facilities and proposed repairs; determination of infrastructure requirements, capacities and limitations; opinions of cost repairs and modifications proposed; short term and long-term master planning; new control systems and alarms were installed.

  • UTSA University Center, Denman Ballroom Renovation
    Client: Alvidrez Architecture
    Construction cost: $200,000
    Completion: 2011

    University Center, UTSA, Denman Ballroom Renovation MEP services for renovation and new finishes for the existing ballroom. The project included stage lighting and the audio/visual system. Mechanical design services included new diffusers, fire sprinkler head modification to accommodate the new ceilings. Electrical design services included interior lighting replacement, energy code analysis and compliance study, exit sign replacement, fire alarm device modification, telephone, security, closed circuit television, intercom, sound systems, and data conduit systems.

  • Higher Education

    University of Texas at San Antonio

    • Athletic Modular Building
    • Electron Microscope Lab
    • Renovation of Dean's Office, Monterrey Building
    • Physics Lab Renovations, Multi-disciplinary Studies (MS)Building
    • Service Annex Building Renovation
    • Life Safety Upgrades to Multiple Buildings
    • Margaret Batts Tobin Building Lab Renovations
    • Starbucks, JPL Bldg.
    • Chili's Too Restaurant
    • East Campus Electrical Infrastructure
    • Institute of Texan Cultures Infrastructure & Electrical Upgrades
    • Institute of Texan Cultures, Rare Book Room
    • Institute of Texan Cultures Boiler & Cooling Tower Replacement
    • Institute of Texan Cultures, Thermal Plant / Energy Conservation Projects
    • Upgrade Chemical Hazards Building
    • Science Building - Neurobiology, Biochemistry & Chemistry Complex Lab Renovations
    • Visitors Center
    • Student Computer Room Finish Out
    • Phase II & West Paseo Exterior Lighting Upgrades
    • Purchasing Office Renovations
    • Upgrade Fire Alarm System-Science Bldg., Chisholm Hall & Activity Center
    • Outside Air Study, Science Bldg.
    • Sculpture/Ceramics Building HVAC System
    • East Campus, West Campus and Student Parking Lot Lighting
    • Wellness Center Phase II Office Renovations
    • University Center Energy Study
    • College of Public Policy Renovations, Durango Building
    • Observatory
    • Dormitory Parking Lot
    • Administrative Office Renovations, JPL Bldg., 4th Floor
    • Communication Ductbank Extension
    • Academic Building - Computer Room Renovations
    • Elevator Ventilation, JPL Bldg.

    San Angelo State University

    • Fire Alarm and EMS Upgrades
    • Women's Dormitory
    • EMS and HVAC Renovation
    • Fire Alarm for Dormitories
    • Fuel Oil Modifications
    • HVAC Replacement
    • Administration Building Renovation
    • Concho Hall
    • Thermal Distribution Repair
    • Installed Chilled / Hot and Condenser Water Filters at the Central Plant

    Hill Country University Center

    • New Academic Center
    • New Chapel

    Texas Tech University Health Science Center

    • Renovations for the Corridor in the Science Center Medical School Building

    San Antonio College

    • Loftin Student Center Elevator