• Fed Ex Ground Processing Facility
    Client: RVK Architects
    Construction cost: $6 M
    Completion: 2008

    Fed Ex Ground Processing Facility MEP design services for 105,110 gross square foot package distribution building. Plumbing design services provided for the fire sprinkler system and truck drainage system. Electrical design services provided included high efficiency lighting for industrial bay area, security lighting, data trays and data controls, and to power the building, conveyor system and forklift battery chargers.

  • DPT Laboratories, Compounding Area
    Client: RVK Architects
    Completion: 2009

    DPT Laboratories, Compounding Area Compounding Room Design consisted of 1,800 square foot of space with a platform. Mechanical services included a clean room air conditioning system, including a roof top penthouse air handler unit and HEPA supply filtration in the ceiling, exhaust fan, ductwork to convey the supply and exhaust air, and fire sprinklers. Electrical Design included an interior lighting system, power for the lighting and HVAC system, emergency lighting and fire alarm modifications. Compounding Room Process Design consisted of steam and condensate piping to the tank, an extension of the existing cold water to the tanks, drains and other liquid process piping, extension of existing piping for nitrogen, and the design of a new Dust Collection Ductwork System that included vacuum pumps to drops and bag house. The piping design included USP water piping loops and the extension of existing water lines to the tanks. Electrical design included the power for the tanks motors (two relocated tanks + two new tanks) to include one circuit to each tank and one circuit for the mixer, and power for the process controls.

  • Alcoa Aluminum Coating Line
    Client: CCC Group
    Construction cost: $5.2 M
    Completion: 2002

    Alcoa Aluminum Coating Line, Spokane Washington The project involved relocating complete aluminum coating equipment. Alderson was responsible for identifying all equipment characteristics and connections and documenting them. Systems included hydraulic piping, industrial controls, ductwork, piping, compressed air, and electrical power. The deliverables included detailed photographs and CAD drawings, identification of all utility connections, sizes, break points, and installation details.

  • B.A.T. Lab, Building 261, Southwest Research Institute

    Client: Southwest Research Institute
    Construction cost: $4.2 M
    Completion: 2007

    B.A.T. Lab, Building 261, Southwest Research Institute, San Antonio, TXThe project consisted of a building to house confidential test equipment. Alderson designed the industrial components of the facility to include the industrial cooling water and cooling tower, acid waste drainage system with containment tanks, high voltage electrical service and 50 Hz motor generator set, HVAC for entire facility.

  • Boeing Compressed Air Addition - Building 375
    Client: The Boeing Company
    Construction cost: $265,700
    Completion: 2010

    Boeing Compressed Air Addition - Building 375, San Antonio, TXThe project consisted of the design of an additional fourth air compressor and ancillary equipment to provide more dependable back-up to the existing three compressor system. Design services included a new 250 hp screw air compressor, mist eliminator, coalescing filter and drier, controls modifications and necessary electrical services modifications.

  • Photochemical Pilot Plant
    Client: Southwest Research Institute
    Completion: 2008

    Pilot Plant, Southwest Research Institute, San Antonio, TX Industrial design services for a major petrochemical company pilot plant developed to provide liquid fuel from natural gas to add fueling options to the U.S. and around the world. Alderson provided industrial design for the major pieces of equipment to include the hydrocarbon processing equipment, containment tanks, fuel tanks, acid and chemical tanks, flare, compressed air, and cooling water. A complete 5000 amp 480V power system was designed with explosion proof fittings, generators, and controls. The project was built using pre-assembled skids that were built in other facilities and trucked to the site.

  • Boeing North Ramp Stations
    Client: The Boeing Company
    Construction cost: $629,250
    Completion: 2010

    Boeing North Ramp Stations, San Antonio, TX The project consisted of the addition of compressed air and electrical power to the North Ramp for Stations 16, 16A, 16B, 17, 18, and 19. Mechanical design services included the addition of compressed stations adjacent to electrical receptacle stations. Electrical design services included a 480v feeder from existing distribution system to the service rack; installation of transformer and distribution panel; designed electrical stations for each of the aircraft pads; designed cutting and patching of concrete ramp.

  • The Bank of Texas
    Client: RVK Architects
    Construction cost: $2 M
    Completion: 2008

    The Bank of Texas, 1604 and Bitters Road, San Antonio, TX The project consisted of a new two-story, 20,000 gross square foot bank / office building. Mechanical design services included building air conditioning system including heating, cooling, ventilation and associated control system; general purpose exhaust systems; domestic hot and cold water, natural gas, sanitary waste and vent systems; interior roof drainage system; and fire sprinkler system. Electrical services provided for building interior and exterior lighting system; site/area lighting including walkways and parking lots, building general purpose power, fire alarm system, telephone and data conduit systems, site electrical power service from the point of connection to the utility company service to the building.

  • Jefferson State Bank - Stone Oak
    Client: RVK Architects
    Construction cost: $800,000
    Completion: 2001

    Jefferson State Bank - Stone Oak, San Antonio, TX Design services for a 6,800 square foot branch bank facility at Stone Oak and Sonterra Blvd. with six drive-through banking lanes, loan offices, common spaces, and ATM facilities. MEP design services included the rooftop HVAC system, electrical & data wiring, control at ATM Machines and Teller Machines, and site lighting to provide required footcandle levels for teller areas.

  • Barrett Mitsubishi Dealership
    Client: RVK Architects
    Completion: 2001

    MEP services for 24 to 26,000 sq ft car dealership with service, detailing and repair bays. Mechanical services included design of building's heating and cooling system including ventilation and associated control system, general purpose exhaust systems, hot and cold water, natural gas, sanitary waste and vent systems, compressed air system, and interior roof drainage system, if required. Design services performed for lift hydraulics and electrical system, high bay lighting, interior and exterior lighting, oil and fluids piping and dispensing, waste oil separator and drainage system.

  • Industrial & Commercial

    • Laboratory Renovation, B128 - Southwest Research Institute, San Antonio, TX
    • Environmental Test Facility, Southwest Research Institute, San Antonio, TX
    • Sanmina Computer Chip Line, San Antonio, TX
    • Fed Ex Facility, Laredo, TX
    • Hill Country Bakery, San Antonio, TX
    • Silver Ventures Offices, The Pearl, San Antonio, TX
    • Full Goods Studio, The Pearl, San Antonio, TX
    • Pinnacle Shopping Center, San Antonio, TX
    • BMW Service Center, San Antonio, TX
    • The Shops at Overlook, San Antonio, TX
    • Crossroads Saloon, Fredericksburg, TX
    • USAA Executive Dining Room, San Antonio, TX
    • Nancy's Boutique, San Antonio, TX
    • Bitter Creek Designs - The Rim, San Antonio, TX
    • Shell Development at Overlook, San Antonio, TX
    • Centre Plaza Chiller Replacement, San Antonio, TX
    • San Antonio National Bank, San Antonio, TX
    • Cattleman's National Bank, Blanco, TX
    • SACU Toyota, San Antonio, TX
    • SACU FM 3009, Schertz, TX
    • SACU Huebner, San Antonio, TX
    • Air Force Federal Credit Union, San Antonio, TX
    • AHISD Maintenance Center, Alamo Heights, TX
    • Palo Alto Warehouse and Vehicle Maintenance Facility, Brownsville, TX
    • Southeast Service Center HVAC Upgrades, City of San Antonio, San Antonio, TX