• Northside ISD HVAC Additions, 11 Campuses
    Client: Northside ISD
    Construction cost: $1.1 M
    Completion: 2010

    UTHSC Energy Conservation Projects, San Antonio TX The addition of stand-alone HVAC systems for the MDF and IDF Rooms at 33 locations in 11 different schools within the Northside Independent School District including Earl Warren High School. Mechanical Design services included HVAC rooftop packages or split HVAC systems at all campuses, control integration local control and monitoring back to the campus, EMCS system and condensate drains. Electrical design services included power required for the HVAC units. Commissioning Services included start up inspections, control verifications, Test & Balance Review and Submittal Review. Organized training and classes and maintenance manuals. Construction packages were developed for Earl Warren High School and for the remainder of the other campuses. Alderson also provided construction administration services on the project.

  • Northside ISD John Glenn Music/Art Building
    Client: Madeline Anz Slay Architecture
    Construction cost: $800,000
    Completion: 2005

    Energy Conservation Studies, U.S. General Service Administration (GSA), South TexasThe project consisted of an addition to the Music/Art building housing the choral/band facility and an art classroom. MEP design services were provided for the Music Room acoustics, the Art Kiln, HVAC unit, and DDC connections.

  • Northside ISD Leon Valley Elementary School Addition
    Client: Garza Architects
    Construction cost: $2.5 M
    Fire alarm renovation: $300,000
    Completion: 2007

    Leon Valley Elementary School Addition, NISD, San Antonio, TXThe project consisted of twelve classroom additions including art rooms and general classrooms. The existing building was renovated to include computer rooms and Special Education classrooms. MEP systems included the new HVAC system consisting of chilled water air handlers, controls, and additional chiller and boiler. Electrical gear was replaced to accommodate the load. A fire alarm retrofit of the entire building was accomplished to upgrade the fire alarm to current standards and provide for expansion into the addition.

  • Northside ISD Dehumidification System for Record Storage Facility
    Client: Northside ISD
    Construction cost: $435,400
    Completion: 2009

    Dehumidification System for Record Storage Facility NISD, San Antonio, TX MEP services were provided for the design of a dehumidification unit at the record storage facility and exhaust fans at for the purchasing area. Mechanical design services included a dehumidification unit split system for the main storage and vault to hold humidity at a constant level. Condensate drains and exhaust fans were provided for the purchasing warehouse space. Electrical design services included power for the dehumidification system and exhaust fans.

  • Northside ISD DDC Replacements
    Helotes, Howsman and Knowlton Elementary Schools
    Client: Northside ISD
    Construction cost: $275,000
    Completion: 2010

    DDC Replacements - Helotes, Howsman and Knowlton Elementary Schools, NISD 
San Antonio, TXThe project consisted of the replacement of the existing control systems at various schools. Mechanical design services included new DDC controls for air handlers, VAV boxes and new control system front end. Electrical services included power for the control system and metering.

  • Southwest ISD Hidden Cove Elementary
    Client: Marmon Mok Architecture
    Construction cost: $9.5 M
    Completion: 2011

    Hidden Cove Elementary, SWISD, San Antonio, TX Renovation and reconstruction of the existing school to include the parking lots, play areas, library and cafeteria. The completed facility will total 83,000 square feet. Mechanical design services included assessment of the existing HVAC rooftop equipment and removal of the units serving 2/3 of the school. Ten rooftop units were added to supplement the existing units, resulting in approx. 200K in savings to the district. The kitchen design included a full-sized kitchen, a cook line, kitchen hood, and grease trap. Mechanical services were included for a ventilated and heated gymnasium, several computer labs and a library/media center. New electrical services were provided back feeding 1/3 of the remaining school, new lighting was provided, as well as upgrades/remodels of existing classrooms.

  • Southwest ISD Vocational Agricultural Animal Facility
    Client: Debra J. Dockery, Architect
    Construction cost: $800,000
    Completion: 2008

    Vocational Agricultural Animal Facility, SWISD, San Antonio, TXMEP services were provided for facility to house farm animals of students and act as a competition judging facility. Alderson designed an animal watering system, and a waste collection system. Cost-effective lighting with energy management controls was also designed.

  • Brownsville ISD Mittie A. Pullam Elementary
    Client: Gignac Architects
    Construction cost: $11.5 M
    Completion: 2009

    Mittie A. Pullam Elementary, Brownsville ISD, Brownsville, TXConstruction of a new elementary school with 20 classrooms, art and music rooms, a computer lab, gymnasium, and a cafeteria/auditorium. MEP design services included the outside air pretreatment systems, SMART BOARD data integration to technology networks, DDC Control systems and auditorium stage lighting.

  • Brownsville ISD Brownsville Elementary School
    Client: Gignac Architects
    Construction cost: $11.5 M
    Completion: 2009

    Hangar 58 Repair Project, Naval Air Station, Corpus Christi, TXConstruction of a new elementary school for the fast growing Brownsville Independent School District. The project consisted of design services for 20 classrooms plus Art and Music Rooms, Computer Lab, Library, Gym and a Cafeteria/Auditorium. MEP Design services included outside air pre-treatment systems including SMART BOARD Data Integration To Technology Networks; DDC controls systems; and auditorium stage lighting.

  • Alamo Heights ISD Fine Arts and Sports Facility Additions
    Client: Chumney & Assoc./SHW Group
    Construction cost: $7.5 M
    Completion: 2000

    Fine Arts and Sports Facility Additions Alamo Heights ISD, San Antonio, TX The project included a new facility to house a new Art Facility complete with art classrooms, kiln rooms, photography lab, and computer rooms. The project included dehumidification of the Natatorium, construction of three new academic and sports facilities, installation of lighting for 12 tennis courts, renovation of a cafeteria into a sports locker room and installation of a computer grade power as well as fiber optic and CAT 5 wiring throughout the entire campus. Construction was completed over the two-month summer break with close schedule coordination between owners and contractors.

  • K-12

    Northside ISD

    • HVAC Additions - Evers, Adams Hill, Mary Hull, Westwood Terrace and Anson Jones Middle Schools
    • Air Conditioning Systems for Gymnasiums at 11 Schools
    • HVAC Additions for Technology Rooms - 12 Schools
    • HVAC systems for 18 Gymnasiums in NISD
    • Fire Alarm & Security System Replacement, Leon Valley Elementary
    • Intercom System Replacement at Holmes High School
    • Fire Alarm additions to Paul Taylor Field House
    • DDC Control Installation at 7 schools
    • Library Lighting Replacement at Passmore Elementary
    • Intercom System Replacement at Anson Jones Middle School
    • HVAC Upgrades, Glen Oak Elementary
    • Air Conditioning Retrofit for 6 Schools
    • Lighting for 5 Elementary Schools
    • HVAC for Police Radio Rooms for Gustafson & Ferris Stadium
    • Cooling Tower Replacement for Zachry Middle School,
    • HVAC Replacement for Northside Learning Center Bldg. B
    • DDC Controls for Jordan, Stinson and Reddix Middle School
    • HVAC for 29 Gyms
    • Food Services Office Renovation
    • ADA Projects for 3 Schools

    San Antonio ISD

    • Green Elementary Parking Lot
    • Edison HS Sports Field Lighting

    Alamo Heights ISD

    • HVAC Replacement for Robbins Elementary School
    • Additions and Renovations for Howard Elementary School
    • Additions and Renovations for Woodridge Elementary School
    • HVAC Evaluation and Cooling Tower Replacement for Cambridge Elementary School
    • HVAC Evaluation for Administration Building
    • Robbins Tennis Center
    • High School Additions & Renovations - Heating Upgrades

    Uvalde Consolidated ISD

    • New Science Building and Gym for Junior High School
    • Upgrades and Fire Alarm Replacement for Uvalde High School
    • Additions and Renovations for Anthon, Robb, Dalton, Benson Elementary and Flores Middle School
    • Uvalde Sports Lighting for the Soccer, Softball Field and Tennis Court

    Harlandale ISD

    • McCollum High School Library
    • Administration Building - Computer Room Fire Protection
    • Resource Center for Columbia Heights Elementary School
    • Kingsborough Middle School Addition
    • Walking Trail for Kingsborough School
    • Parental Development Center
    • Scheh Elementary School Renovation

    San Antonio ISD

    • Trail Lighting for Burbank High School, San Antonio, TX
    • Exterior Lighting for Various Campuses
    • Alamo Stadium Offices
    • Plant Services
    • Chiller Evaluation for the District Office, San Antonio, TX
    • HVAC Activity Room for Wheatly High School, San Antonio, TX
    • Paint Spray Booth Exhaust for Lanier High School, San Antonio, TX
    • Renovations for Connel Middle School, San Antonio, TX
    • Renovation and Air Conditioning for Bonham Elementary School, San Antonio, TX
    • Renovations for Baskin Elementary School, San Antonio, TX

    Southside ISD

    • Lift Stations
    • Athens Elementary School
    • New Storage Facility
    • Stadium Storage Facility

    Southwest ISD

    • Spring Sports Field House

    San Marcos Consolidated ISD

    • Tennis Center Sports Lighting
    • IT Department Emergency Power

    Nordheim ISD

    • Tennis Lighting

    Hampshire Fennett ISD

    • Energy Conservation for various schools

    San Benito ISD

    • Miller Jordon Middle School - Ice Storage System

    La Pryor ISD

    • Elementary School - 4 Classroom Additions and Library
    • Electrical Upgrades

    Kingsville ISD

    • Fire Alarm Addition/Renovation - 4 Schools
    • HVAC & Electrical Upgrades - 6 Schools
    • Science Lab for Memorial Middle School

    Brownsville ISD

    • Breeden Elementary School - New Elementary School
    • Records Management Complex for Central Warehouse
    • Palo Alto Warehouse and Vehicle Maintenance Facility

    Cuero Independent School District

    • Hunt Elementary School
    • Science Labs - Cuero Junior High & Cuero High School

    Eagle Pass Independent School District

    • Winn High School
    • Eagle Pass Middle School
    • Elementary Schools - 3 Schools

    Raymondville Independent School District

    • Middle School

    Comfort Independent School District

    • Comfort High School

    Aransas County Independent School District

    • Elementary & High School Renovations
    • Baseball/Football Stadium Lighting