• Audie Murphy VA Hospital Addition
    Client: Chesney Morales & Associates
    Construction cost: $11.1 M
    Completion: 2009

    Addition to Audie Murphy VA Hospital AdditionAdditions to the existing hospital included shell space at 2 G of 6,000 SF, shell space at 3G of 25,000 SF, and finish out of 30,000 square feet of administrative space. Mechanical systems included new air handlers ductwork, VAV boxes and air devices, extension of plumbing services, chilled water piping extensions, steam & piping extensions and new heating water system, extension of the Facilities Management Control System, plumbing for restrooms sinks and roof drains, fire protection extension & system for 3rd floor. Electrical systems included power expansion from existing electrical system, power for mechanical equipment room, power distribution, power for lighting, telephone, data back boxes, conduits for future wiring.

  • Walzem CentroMed Clinic
    Client: Marmon Mok/Spaw Glass
    Construction cost: $5.3 M
    Completion: September 2011

    Walzem CentroMed Clinic, San Antonio, TXMEP design services for a new 26,830 gross square foot clinic. Mechanical design services included HVAC and associated control system, general purpose exhaust, domestic hot & cold water, natural gas, sanitary waste & vent systems, interior roof drainage system, fire sprinkler system, dental gases, vacuum, compressed air, nitrous oxide. Electrical design services include interior & exterior lighting systems, site area lighting to include walkways and parking lots, general purpose power, fire alarm system, telephone, security, closed circuit television, intercom, sound systems and a data conduit system.

  • South Texas Healthcare System
    Client: Marmon Mok Architecture
    Construction cost: $6 M
    Completion: 2010

    Renovation and expansion of a one-story, 40,000 square foot outpatient clinic building on the campus of the South Texas Health Care System. Mechanical design services included building air conditioning system including heating, cooling, ventilation and associated control system. A chiller was designed with chilled water throughout the building. Air handlers and fan coils were designed to condition the spaces, general purpose exhaust systems, domestic hot and cold water, and sanitary waste and vent systems within the building and a Fire Sprinkler System. Electrical design included the building interior lighting system, general purpose power, modification or connection to the existing emergency generator system, site electrical power service from the point of connection to the utility company service to the building, Fire Alarm System and Nurse Call System.

  • Adolescent/Pediatric Psychiatric Facility
    Methodist Specialty & Transplant Hospital
    Owner: Methodist Healthcare System
    Construction cost: $1.2 M
    Completion: 2001

    Renovation of the 4th Floor of Methodist Specialty and Transplant Hospital into an adolescent/ pediatric psychiatric facility. MEP design services were provided for the clinic's Specialty Air Devices, medical gases, new plumbing fixtures and ADA compliance, critical and life safety power, new lighting (psychiatric grade), and replacement and upgrades of fire sprinklers

  • UTHSC San Antonio McDermott Building, MRI Renovation
    Client: Heath Barclay / Garza Bomberger & Associates
    Project Cost: $600,000
    Completion: 2004

    Renovation of two Spaces to prepare for new and relocated MRI Units. MEP design services included modification of HVAC ductwork, duct-mounted humidifier, reheat coil to heat air off of mixing box, controls modifications (DDC), connection to existing chilled water for MRI with installation of pump and filter, new lighting, renovation and addition of power, general and specific for MRI, fire alarm modification, conduits for data, telephone and MRI systems, and fire protection retrofit to accommodate new ceiling.

  • University Hospital Tesla MRI Upgrades,
    University Health System
    Client: Chesney Morales & Associates
    Construction cost: $1.4 M
    Completion: 2005

    Renovation of an 11,000 Sq. Ft. Space in Two Phases: Phase I - Renovation and new 3.0T MRI; Phase II - Relocation of existing 1.5T MRI & Renovation. Mechanical design services included building HVAC and associated control system, ductwork renovation and air handler replacement including 90% filtration, general purpose exhaust systems, domestic hot & cold water, sanitary waste & vent system, medical gas renovation, fire sprinkler system renovation, Johnson Metasys Controls upgrade, implementation of MRI vendor specific requirement. Electrical services included space interior lighting system, building general purpose power, emergency power and critical power, fire alarm system renovation, telephone and data conduit systems, and Nurse Call system.

  • UTHSC San Antonio CTRC Linear Accelerator Replacement
    Client: Garza Bomberger & Associates
    Completion: April 2009

    A study was performed first to address the replacement of the linear accelerator. Once the study was complete, Alderson provided design services for the mechanical and electrical systems necessary for the installation and operation of the Varian Trilogy linear accelerator with Rapid Arc technology. Construction administration services were also provided; construction began in October 2008 and was completed in April 2009.

  • South Texas Skin Cancer Center
    Client: RVK Architects
    Construction cost: $3 M
    Completion: 2008

    The Center houses a state of the art dermatologist's treatment facility including surgical suites, recovery areas, treatment rooms and other specialized areas. MEP design services for the facility HVAC system including operating rooms, electrical system with an emergency generator including isolation panels, plumbing and medical gas systems, interior and exterior lighting systems.

  • Blanchfield Army Community Hospital Additions
    Ft. Campbell, KY
    Client: Affiliated Engineers
    Construction cost: $48 M.

    The project involves an addition to the existing hospital to include a Mother/Baby Area, Behavior Health and Emergency Area. Mechanical design services include domestic hot and cold water, sanitary waste and vent systems, interior roof drainage system, fire sprinkler and standpipe systems, medical gas extensions from the existing tank, and a new 1500 gallon liquid oxygen tank.

  • Methodist Hospital MRI Suite - Sublevel 2
    Client: Methodist Healthcare System
    Construction cost: $500,000
    Completion: 2001

    Southwest Methodist Hospital MRI SuiteThe project involved the renovation of the MRI Suite. MEP design services included the HVAC system, humidity control, process cooling for MRI system, plumbing, modified fire sprinkler system, med gas extension, interior lighting, fire alarm system extension, communication and security systems, and nurse call system.

  • Baptist Medical Center MRI Installation
    Client: Garza Bomberger & Associates
    Completion: 2010

    MEP design services on the project involved the renovation of an existing CT Suite into a space to accommodate the new MRI unit and relocation of the new CT Scan Suite. Mechanical design services included design of a new air handler with proper filtration, humidification and cooling capacity and a quench vent through the roof; DDC controls modifications; pre-action fire protection system utilizing non-magnetic materials/devices within the MRI room; and medical gas systems. Electrical design services included new lighting and power general and specific for the MRI; fire alarm modifications; conduits for data, telephone and MRI systems to the control and equipment rooms.

  • Medical

    University Health System

    • Domestic Hot Water System
    • Angio and Radiology Suite
    • MRI and Imaging Suite
    • Emergency Center Radiology
    • Express Med Clinic
    • IV Pharmacy
    • Fluoroscopy Suite
    • SE Clinic Upgrades

    University of Texas Health Science Center

    • Linear Accelerator Replacement
    • Chiller Plant Upgrade
    • Oncology Radiology Lab
    • MRI Replacement
    • Dental Clinics
    • Dental Student Teaching Lab
    • Disaster Recovery Computer Room

    South Texas Veterans Health Care System

    • 3rd Floor Addition
    • Research Facility Addition
    • Operating Rooms
    • CT Suite
    • Aphaeresis Clinic
    • Intensive Care Unit
    • Pharmacy Renovation
    • Corpus Christi Radiology Upgrade
    • Gamma Camera Addition
    • 2G-3G Shell Finish Out

    Cancer Therapy & Research Center

    • MRI Replacement

    Methodist Hospital

    • MRI
    • Ultrasound Clinic
    • Bone Marrow Transplant ICU
    • Psychiatric Unit
    • Recovery Room Replacement
    • Cardiac Cath Lab
    • Pediatric Surgical Center

    Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center

    • Psychiatric Clinic
    • Anesthesia Offices
    • Odessa Research Lab

    Fort Detrick

    • Bioterrorism Reference Lab (Anthrax)

    Baptist Healthcare System

    • MRI Installation - Medical Center & North Central Baptist Hospitals
    • South Texas Hospital, Harlingen
    • Replacement Clinic and Radiology Suite

    Fort Sam Houston

    • BAMC Hospital Fire Alarm Replacement
    • Animal Quarantine Facility
    • Nutrition Clinic

    Fort Hood

    • Dental Clinic Renovation
    • Maxillofacial Clinic Renovation