• Building 1001 Renovation, Ft. Sam Houston, TX
    Client: Orion Partners
    Construction cost: $14.6 M
    Completion: 2011

    Building 1001 Renovation, Ft. Sam Houston, TXRenovation of a four-story building with a basement totaling 34,500 gross square feet. The building will serve as an office expansion for the US Army South Headquarters. MEP design services provided for the Command Center, VAV Air Handlers with Chiller, high-efficiency lighting, computer room system and emergency generator. Mechanical engineering services included the design of the air handlers with chilled water and hot water heat; trunk ducts, mixing boxes, ductwork and air devices; chilled and hot water pumps and piping; chiller and boilers systems; computer room air conditioning; industrial controls per Ft Sam Houston requirements; exhaust for restrooms; plumbing for restrooms, and break areas; roof drain relocation; and gas water heater system. Electrical services provided for the design of building interior lighting systems; building general purpose power; emergency power generator; and site electrical power.

  • 470th Brigade, Ft. Sam Houston, TX
    Client: Orion Partners
    Construction cost: $22 M
    Completion: 2010

    470th Brigade, Ft. Sam Houston, TXThe project involved a six-story 120,000 sq ft building, housing highly technical office space to support military intelligence. The systems supported included a Computer Room, IDF Rooms, Training and Conference room additions. The vaults and an armor room were also included. MEP design services included three 500 kvs emergency generators, transfer switches and switchgear to support the emergency power requirements of the spaces. Specialized UPS and under floor power distribution was designed to accommodate high-density computer loading. Power and conduits were designed for approximately 100 flat screen panels for teleconferencing. Throughout the building there are SCIF Rooms with Sound Transmission Suppression, Physical Security and Card Entry/Security features.

  • Revalidation of US Army South Headquarters, Building 1000
    Ft. Sam Houston, TX
    Client: Orion Partners
    Construction cost: $12 M
    Completion: 2010

    Revalidation of U.S. Army South Headquarters, Bldg. 1000Modifications to several areas of the US Army South Headquarters, Building 1000 at Ft. Sam Houston for the new functions of USARSO as they move into new spaces and floors. The mechanical modifications were needed due to increase in personnel and the increase in computer loading that requires additional air conditioning. The electrical modifications required changes to the existing lighting, power and fire alarm, as well as data systems. Locations affected by the project renovation included the Basement, First Floor, Second Floor North Wing, Third, Fourth, Fifth and Sixth Floors. Mechanical systems included programming and modification of HVAC systems to accommodate new arrangement, new computer rooms, CRAC Units, and SCIF protection details. Electrical Systems included additional power for heavy concentration of computers, interior lighting systems modifications, fire alarm system for modified spaces, emergency power, emergency generators, transfer switch & emergency distribution throughout the building due to modifications of usages, Additional UPS & computer room power through PDUs, and SCIF requirements for new SCIF areas.

  • Buildings 2264-2266 Revitalization, IMCOM Headquarters
    Ft. Sam Houston, TX
    Client: Orion Partners
    Construction cost: $51.8 M
    Completion: 2011

    Buildings 2264-2266 Revitalization, IMCOM HeadquartersBuildings 2264 and 2266 were originally built in the 1930's and will house the IMCOM Headquarters. MEP design services were provided for the meeting and conference rooms, variable volume air handling system, high-efficiency fluorescent lighting with advanced controls, and audio visuals for the conference rooms. Mechanical services included the design of a high-efficiency HVAC system and VAV Chill Water HVAC system. The project is seeking LEED Gold certification.

  • Renovation of North Beach Pavilion Ft. Sam Houston, TX
    Client: Orion Partners
    Construction cost: $8 M
    Completion: 2004

    Renovation of North Beach Pavilion, Ft. Sam Houston, TXComplete renovation of the office building that originally housed the Beach Pavilion. Mechanical and electrical upgrades included the HVAC systems, plumbing, electrical power, lighting upgrades, fire alarm and data systems. Great care was taken to protect the integrity of the building's exterior and historical significance. Energy-efficiency was addressed with indirect lighting with occupancy sensors and using state-of-the-art technology for the HVAC system design.

  • Brooke Army Medical Center Renovation and Modernization
    Ft. Sam Houston, TX
    Client: Orion Partners
    Construction cost: $20 M
    Completion: 2003

    Brooke Army Medical Center Renovation and ModernizationThe Renovation & Modernization project was unique to the Army. The facility was turned over to a developer who renovated and leased the facility to tenants. The design effort included complete renovations to the facility and installation of new equipment and systems. MEP design included an air conditioning system, heating, new plumbing piping and fixtures, new lighting, power distribution, emergency generators and UPS, fire alarm and security systems.

  • USAMITC (U.S. Army Medical Information Technology Center)
    Computer Room Expansion, Ft. Sam Houston, TX

    Client: Orion Partners
    Construction cost: $800,000
    Completion: 2008

    USAMITC (U.S. Army Medical Information Technology Center)The project consisted of design for the expansion of the computer room and included re-connection to a new chiller to accommodate the heat load in the computer room. Power for the chillers and in-row coolers extended from the existing emergency generator system.

  • Visitor Center and Inspection Station, Randolph AFB
    Client: Dept. of the Air Force, Randolph AFB
    Construction cost: $2 M
    Completion: 2003

    Visitor Center and Inspection Station, Randolph AFBThe visitor center and inspection station project was designed to provide a force protection gate in addition to the visitor center. The project consisted of a new guard station, visitors and access control facility, and vehicle inspection station. Security items designed included the camera system for the entire complex; inspection lighting for under carriage view; motorized gates; pop up bollards for over run conditions; communication system; and power upgrades for dependable power from multiple sources.

  • Standard Aerospace - Building 360, Kelly USA (Port San Antonio)
    Client: Forum Construction
    Construction cost: $240,000
    Completion: 2002

    Standard Aero - Building 360, Kelly USADesign services for 4,080 sq ft freestanding office space within Building 360. MEP Services included HVAC System, Interior Lighting, General Power to a Junction Box Grid at Ceiling Line, Fire Alarm System and Telephone and Conduit Systems.

  • Boeing Cafeteria, Port San Antonio
    Client: Boeing Company
    Construction cost: $2 M
    Completion: 2009

    Boeing Cafeteria, Port San AntonioMEP design services for a new 10,000 sq ft building. MEP services included design of the HVAC system, general exhaust, fire sprinkler system, interior/exterior lighting, electrical power and connections to kitchen equipment, fire alarm system, Telephone, security, closed circuit television, intercom, sound system and data conduit system.

  • Military /Governmental

    • Anzalduas Land Port of Entry, GSA, South Texas
    • Air Force Village II Apartment Conversion, San Antonio, TX
    • Air Force Village, One Porte Cochere, San Antonio, TX
    • BAMC Security System Renovation, San Antonio, TX
    • Kelly USA Airman Leadership School, Kelly USA
    • Parking Lot F, Kelly USA
    • Chilled Water Distribution Study - Bldg. 325, Kelly USA
    • Building 1676 Water Heater Replacement, Kelly USA
    • Building 1627, Property Condition Assessment, Port San Antonio
    • Repair HVAC Systems at 11 Buildings, Randolph AFB
    • Lamun-Lusk-Sanchez Veterans Home, Big Spring, Texas
    • MEDCOM - Building 1070, Ft. Sam Houston
    • MEDLOG - Building 2640, Ft. Sam Houston
    • Barracks Building 2791, Ft. Sam Houston
    • Criminal Investigation Bldg., Ft. Sam Houston
    • Ft. Sam Houston Chapel Renovation
    • Ft. Sam Nutrition Facility, Ft. Sam Houston
    • Wilson Gate Checkpoint, Ft. Sam Houston
    • Building 4011 - SIPR Café, Ft. Sam Houston