• Rackspace Hosting Headquarters, Phase 3
    Client: Studio 8 Architects
    Construction cost: $15 M
    Completion: 2011

    CoSA Police Property and Evidence Building, San Antonio, TX Renovation of a two-story, 290,000 square foot building to accommodate the new Rackspace headquarters at the Windsor Park Mall location on Walzem Road. Mechanical systems include the building HVAC and associated control systems; general purpose exhaust systems for restrooms and break rooms; domestic hot and cold water, sanitary waste and vent systems for restroom and fuel stations within the building and connecting to existing systems; fire sprinkler systems. Electrical systems included the building interior lighting system; building general purpose power with an extension of the existing service to new switchgear for distribution to workstations; fire alarm system extensions, call center power & communications; design of generators for back-up power; telephone, security, closed circuit television, intercom, sound systems and data conduit system.

  • Brooke Army Medical Center Renovation & Modernization
    Ft. Sam Houston
    Client: Orion Partners
    Construction cost: $20 M
    Completion: 2003.

    Revalidation of U.S. Army South Headquarters, Bldg. 1000 The Renovation & Modernization project was unique to the Army, the facility was turned over to a developer who renovated and leased the facility to tenants. The design effort included complete renovations to the facility and installation of new equipment and systems. MEP design services were provided for an air conditioning system, heating, new plumbing piping and fixtures, new lighting, power distribution, emergency generators and UPS, fire alarm and security systems. Great care was taken to preserve the historical integrity of the facilities interior and exterior.

  • Revalidation of U.S. Army South Headquarters, Bldg. 1000
    Ft. Sam Houston
    Client: Orion Partners
    Construction cost: $12 M
    Completion: 2010

    Revalidation of U.S. Army South Headquarters, Bldg. 1000Modifications of Building 1000 included the basement, first floor, second floor, north wing, third, fourth, fifth and sixth floors. Mechanical modifications were needed due to increase in personnel and the increase in computer loading that requires additional air conditioning. Mechanical systems included programming and modification of HVAC systems to accommodate new arrangement; new computer rooms, CRAC Units; SCIF protection details. Electrical systems included additional power for heavy concentration of computers; interior lighting systems modifications; fire alarm system for modified spaces; emergency power, emergency generators, transfer switch & emergency distribution throughout building due to modifications of usages; additional UPS & computer room power through PDUs; SCIF requirements for new SCIF areas.

  • US Army Medical Information Technology Center
    Computer Room Expansion Ft. Sam Houston
    Client: Orion Partners
    Construction cost: $800,000
    Completion: 2008

    USAMITC (U.S. Army Medical Information Technology Center) Computer room expansion at Ft. Sam Houston included reconnection to a new chiller to accommodate the heat load in the computer room. Power for the chillers and in row coolers were extended from the existing emergency generator system.

  • Air Force Federal Credit Union
    Client: EHS Architecture
    Construction cost : $7 M
    Completion: 2005

    The retrofit of an existing 38,000 square foot building into a headquarters and production office for the credit union. Mechanical systems included air cooled chillers serving VAV air handlers; heating boilers; CRAC units for computer rooms; and a pre-action sprinkler system. Electrical design services included the building interior and exterior lighting system; emergency power generators and UPS system; high-density power for data center; and call center power and communications.

  • US Army South Command Emergency Generators
    Ft. Sam Houston
    Client: Insite Architects
    Construction cost: $600,000
    Completion: 2004

    The project consisted of four 500 kVA diesel generators that supply 60,000 sq ft of computer room floor which supports Army Commands around the world. The system included four generators with one redundant transfer switch, electrical switchgear and UPS systems. The project included the underground electrical distribution system.

  • Directorate of Information Mgmt. (DOIM)
    Computer Room Study Ft. Hood
    Client: Johnson Controls
    Completion: 2007

    Directorate of Information Mgmt. (DOIM) Computer Room Study The main computer room for the Directorate of Information Management (DOIM) at Ft. Hood was becoming overpopulated with computer equipment so that the HVAC and electrical systems were being overtaxed. Alderson performed an inventory of the equipment, estimated the expansion and recommended solutions for the expansion and HVAC and electrical upgrades.

  • HEB Disaster Recovery Data Center
    Client: JanCom Technologies
    Construction cost: $1.5 M
    Completion: 2002

    MEP design services for a new 12,600 square foot building designed to house a dedicated computer room, office / meeting space, computer room, Command Center, printing and storage/staging areas. The facility will provide critical data processing functions and provide back-up recovery in the event of system failure. Mechanical/plumbing services included the HVAC system, general exhaust system, plumbing, interior roof drainage system, fire sprinkler system and pre-reaction system.

  • US Army Information Technology Center Emergency Generators
    Ft. Sam Houston
    Client: Alterman Electric
    Construction cost: $350,000
    Completion: 2004

    The project consisted of three 400 kVA diesel generators used to power a UPS system for a computer room that manages teleconferences worldwide for the Army. The project included generators, soundproof enclosures, transfer switches, emergency switchgear and UPS.

  • Mission Critical

    • 470th Brigade, Ft. Sam Houston, TX
    • USAMITC - UPS & HVAC, Ft. Sam Houston, TX
    • Generator Addition, Army Headquarters, Ft. Sam Houston, TX
    • CPS Backup Data Center, San Antonio, TX
    • Addition to Flight Safety Facility, San Antonio, TX
    • HEB Calvert Test Facility, San Antonio, TX