Sustainability…the capacity to endure

At the core of Alderson's design philosophy is our respect for the environment and its natural resources through the advocacy of responsible systems design. Sustainability promotes responsible, innovative and practical strategies that are sensitive to natural environments and natural resources. Applied to building design, construction and operations, sustainability means designing, building and operating buildings in ways that have little to no impact on the environment and natural resources.

Aspects of Sustainable Design involve selecting the correct or best system, implementing the design that provides the least net energy use coupled with awareness of budget and maintenance requirements, and commissioning of systems to achieve the desired energy utilization and efficiencies. Alderson & Associates is committed to incorporating sustainable designs that improve quality of life, reduce maintenance and usage costs, and comply with regulatory, ADA, and environmental requirements. We are experienced in the use of BIM technology for design modeling, various energy-conservation measures, and have engineers certified as LEED AP BD+ C, LEED Green Associates and Commissioning Agents (CxA). To learn more, click on the links below.