• Chilled Water Storage System and Central Plant
    Upgrades, Randolph AFB
    Client: Siemens Building Technologies
    Construction cost: $1.8 M
    Completion: 2000

    Chilled Water Storage System and Central Plant Upgrades, Randolph AFB The project involved the installation of a chilled water storage tank and piping interconnection to an existing chiller plant. Piping and control changes were accomplished to charge the tank at night and discharge during the day. Pumping system was changed to primary/secondary system with variable speed drives controlling the secondary or campus pumps. Also included in this project was the extension of underground piping to eight buildings that previously had self-contained chillers. Modifications were made in fifteen other buildings to install blending stations to maximize the chilled water use in the buildings.

  • Municipal Plaza Elevator Modernization
    Client: City of San Antonio
    Construction cost: $600,000
    Completion: 2003

    Elevator Modernization, Municipal Plaza, San Antonio, TX Evaluated mechanical and electrical components in the machine room, pits and elevator cabs in historic building. Modernized three traction elevators to provide state-of-the-art elevator control. Electrical and safety issues were corrected to ensure elevator code compliance.

  • Institute of Texan Cultures Thermal Plant
    Client: UTSA Office of Facilities Services
    Construction cost: $900,000
    Completion: 1998

    Thermal Plant, Institute of Texan Cultures, San Antonio, TX The thermal plant included two 350 ton screw chillers, two matching cooling towers, tow finned tube hot water boilers and a pump and control system. The project was an energy conservation project that had a four-year payback.

  • Three Rivers Prison Cooling Tower Replacement
    Client: Godsey Civil Engineers
    Construction cost: $150,000
    Completion: 2002

    Cooling Tower Replacement, Three Rivers Prison, Three Rivers, TXThe project consisted of a new 1900 ton cooling tower to replace the existing tower. Mechanical design services included piping revisions for new 20" underground piping; new piping for cold water and sand filter water; new valves and controls; one line piping diagram for equipment. Electrical services included power renovation for connections between existing circuits and new circuits.

  • UTSA 13.2 kV Power Extension
    Client: UTSA Office of Facilities Services
    Construction cost: $315,000
    Completion: 1996

    UTSA 13.2 kV Power Extension, San Antonio, TX Electrical power was extended 2,000 feet from an existing 13.2 kV substation. The distribution consisted of underground concrete encased ductbank and transformers. A 4-way switch was installed for maintenance and future extension to additional loads. The project was designed and constructed under a fast track timeline to meet the resume of fall classes.

  • UTSA Parking Lot #10
    Client: Civil Engineering Consultants
    Construction cost: $900,000
    Completion: 2008

    UTSA Parking Lot #10, San Antonio, TX Alderson performed work on two projects. The first project included lighting of a parking lot and storm drain catch basins. The parking lot was lit with 30-foot poles connected through a photocell control. An emergency phone system was installed and security cameras were also installed. Design on the project included communication to the central phone system, security cameras, emergency phones, and power for the storm water sump pumps. The second project consisted of a parking lot expansion and included lighting, emergency phones, and security cameras.

  • Southside ISD Sewage Lift Stations
    Client: CDS Muery Services
    Construction cost: $250,000
    Completion: 2003

    Sewage Lift Stations, Southside ISD, San Antonio, TX MEP services for three sewage lift stations that were designed for three separate Southside ISD campuses to consolidate the current wastewater system. The electrical design included use of new pump motors and associated motor starters. A generator back-up system was included in the design.

  • Uvalde Lift Station
    Client: CDS Muery Services
    Construction cost: $3 million
    Completion: 2008

    MEP design services for a new lift station that included four pumps, emergency generators, dry well and a sump pump. Mechanical design services included a sump pump in the dry well and ventilation of the dry well. Electrical services included site area lighting; electrical power for panels, switches, conductors, conduit, and miscellaneous equipment; emergency generator and transfer switch; flow measuring and telemetry systems; and site electrical power service.

  • Uvalde Wastewater Treatment Plant Expansion
    Client: CDS Muery services
    Completion: 2011

    Uvalde Wastewater Treatment Plant Expansion, Uvalde, TX MEP design services for an additional clarifier and area lighting improvements. Electrical design services included power for the drive motor for the clarifier, mast lighting between the two clarifiers and a short pole light at the new clarifier center drive; and details for the electrical power/grounding plan.